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Honor Goes To Spur’s Coach

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The news was recently released that Spur’s coach, Gregg Popovich was named NBA coach of the year. That is a great honor to be sure and Popovich is undoubtedly a very good coach. He’s been in the game for a good many years and has had winning records all along the way. This particular year he lead his team to a 50 win season and the number one position in the Western Conference. He gives credit to his talented team, especially the two all-stars who wear number 45 and number 9 on their respective basketball jerseys. He also freely admits that it’s a lot easier to win when your management has drafted players such as David Robinson who played with the spurs for 14 years and their current center, Tim Duncan. Even so, this is a coach who
obviously knows how to get the job done. In his very long career (39 years as a coach) he has managed to get the most out of his talented teams. In the 16 years he’s been with the San Antonio Spurs he has racked up four championships and that is no small feat when you consider the talent that exists in the NBA. This is Popovich’s second nod as coach of the year. The first award came after his team won the national championship in 2003.