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Honor Goes To Spur’s Coach

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Recently, it was announced in the news that the NBA coach of the year is Greg Popovich, Spur’s coach. Popovich is worthy of the title with over several years of experience and undisputed winning record. This year, he lead the team to their 50 wins this season and to become the Western Conference’s number one team. He gives credit to his team especially to the players who wear basketball jerseys with numbers 45 and 9 at the back. He admits that the games are easier to play if you have a current center like Tim Duncan and dedicated players like David Robinson who has been with the Spurs for 14 years.

He has been working as a coach for 39 years and he definitely knows what he’s doing. He had lead the team to win 4 championships in the 16 years he has been coaching the San Antonio Spurs. This is the second time Popovich was declared coach of the year. The first time he was awarded was after the Spurs won the 2003 National championship.