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How Does Hiking Rate As A Sport?

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When most people think of sports, probably activities such as football, baseball, soccer, swimming, etc, come to mind. Certainly these are all popular and beneficial sports but they are only a few in a long list of activities that should be considered sports. Some activities that people participate in are not particularly “mainstream” and therefore not given much thought by many. Activities that fall into this category might be things such as rollerblading, laser tag and bocce. We may not read much about these activities in the daily newspapers or hear stories about them on the nightly news but that does not make them any less interesting and beneficial to those who participate in them. Another activity that does not claim many headlines when it comes to sports reporting is the sport of hiking.

People have been involved in this activity for centuries. It involves very little in the way of equipment, just a good pair of shoes or boots and it can be done solo or with a group. Those who participate in this recreational activity are no strangers to the many benefits that hiking offers. Instead of being cooped up in a sweaty gym you can be outside enjoying the beauties of nature while getting some of the best exercise you can imagine. Those who dismiss the physical benefits of this often grueling activity have obviously not spent much time involved with it themselves. It can be an intensely challenging activity which not only burns a huge number of calories but also firms and tones muscles in the process.

If you are looking for an activity which can provide maximum enjoyment and enormous physical and mental benefits, give hiking a try. Chances are very good that you will become hooked on this great activity.

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