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How Enthusiastic Is The U.S. About Soccer?

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The curtain has come down on the U.S.’s chances of winning the “big one”. That, of course, would be the World Cup. The team made a valiant effort and had some victories along the way, but in the end they lost to the very same team (Ghana) who knocked them out of the last World Cup competition.

That is the bad news. The good news is that the number of viewers for this World Cup has doubled since the last one was played four years ago. The two major networks that covered the action ABC and ESPN) reported that there was an average viewership of 4.9 million per round of play. Fridays’ game between England and the U.S. drew 13 million viewers. It is obvious from those numbers that the interest level is up in this country that has not fully embraced the sport of soccer in the past. While the U.S. remained in competition, fans were very visible in sports bars and on the internet. It was indeed the biggest show in town for that short period of time but now the question is….will the love last? Now that the attention of the fans has turned back to baseball and the upcoming football season, the powers that be in the world of U.S. soccer need to make some inroads toward getting more public enthusiasm for the game. The excitement level has to be a little more consistent than a week or so every four years when the World Cup is played.

Soccer is a great game for young people and that may be a good place to start building appreciation for this game that is so well loved throughout most of the rest of the world.

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