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How Enthusiastic Is The U.S. About Soccer?

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The US has lost the opportunity of bagging the World cup. The team gave all their efforts and had a few wins but they lost once again to Ghana. This was the team that defeated them in the previous World Cup completion.

That was the bad news. Now the good news is that the number of people who watched the World Cup doubled than the one played 4 years ago. Two of the major networks, ESPN and ABC, covered the event. They reported that there was an average of 4.9 million viewers for every match. The Friday game between US and England gained 13 million views. Obviously, the numbers indicate there are more people now who are interested in soccer. While the US was still playing in the matches, the fans were active on the internet and filled up the sports bars. It was like the biggest show that everyone was watching for just a short time.

But now the fans have turned back to watching baseball and are waiting for the football season. US soccer will have to try harder to get back the fans’ attention to watching the sport and gather more eagerness for the game. Their level of excitement has to be steadier for more than just a week or in every 4 years whenever the World Cup games are being played.

Soccer is a fantastic sport for young people and it’s a good idea to teach them how to appreciate a game that is loved all over the world.

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