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How Flexible Are You??

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One of the best things we could do to maintain a healthy body is to stay active and keep our bodies limber and flexible as much as possible. Our bodies quickly stiffen up due to lack of exercise. The list below is a small test that could help you determine how flexible your body is.

Sit on the floor with your back straight up. Extend your legs in front and place your arms at your side.

  1. Try to lean forward and touch your toes.
  2. Then try to reach for your ankles.
  3. Then try and reach for your shins.

Remove your shoes and put your back against the wall. Stand straight with your shoulder up, the butt and heels must touch the wall. Is your head –?

  1. Straight up against the wall?
  2. Falling an inch or two away from the wall?
  3. Several inches away from the wall

Stand in front of a mirror and raise your arm straight over your head. Is your back –?

  1. Significantly arched?
  2. Slightly arched?
  3. Or bent to one side?

Lie face down on the floor. Bring the right heel towards your butt. Could you –

  1. touch the butt only when the hips were lifted off the floor.
  2. not touch the butt at all.
  3. can easily touch the butt with the foot.