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How Important Is A Coach To The Team’s Success?

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Whenever you see a winning team, you can’t help but think who is more responsible for their success? Is it due to the efforts of the coach or combined efforts of the individual teammates? Surely the team owners tend to blame the head coach when there are losing seasons. Everyone knows that the responsibilities of the coach is enormous. He lives or dies together with his team professionally. How much responsibility does a coach have?

There is a recent story of a coach who took a team of disorganized high school football players. The team lost at each game they played until they met this coach that made them into champions. This situation is nothing new and there are several teams who have not maximized their potentials even if the players are extremely gifted. It wasn’t until they were handled by an excellent coach that they were able to achieve success.

This is the reason why coaches are shuffled around. It gives the teams the opportunity to experience the tutelage of an expert coach. The coach can easily emphasize with the players. Several of them were former players who excelled in the sport and knows about its technicalities. This unique quality however does not make an individual qualified to be an effective coach. They must have knowledge of fundamentals and the ability to motivate and inspire their players. Coaches who have these all of these talents are very rare and very much in demand.

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