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How Important Is A Coach To The Team’s Success?

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One has to wonder when they see certain teams excel at their sport how much of their success is due to the play of the individual teammates and how much is due to the efforts of their coach. Certainly team owners often tend to put a lot of the blame for losing seasons on the head of the coach. It is no secret that the job of a professional coach is tenuous at best. He lives or dies professionally with his teams success in most cases. How much responsibility really should rest with the various coaches?
A story emerged recently of a coach who took a rag-tag team of high school football players that had previously lost every game they played and turned them into champions. This change appeared to be a direct result of his leadership and his ability to inspire and motivate his players. This scenario is not a new one. There are scores of examples of teams who, for whatever reason, did not rise to their potential even though they may have had many gifted players on the squad. It wasn’t until they acquired a coach that was able to get them focused on giving their very best effort that they were able to enjoy success. Perhaps that is part of the reason that coaches get shuffled around so much. Many of them may have been good players themselves at one time and have a great deal of knowledge about their particular sport. That, however, has proven to be an insufficient qualification for a large number of coaches. What they may possess in knowledge of fundamentals does not make up for what they may lack in the ability to inspire and motivate their players. The coaches who have this talent are in high demand to be sure.

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