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How Important Is Sports In Your Life?

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Are you the type of person who lives and breathes for sports or perhaps the kind who displays very little interest in physical activity of any kind? Chances are, you, (like most of us) find ourselves somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. We may not consider ourselves to be much of a proponent of sporting activities but when we stop and think of the part it actually plays in our lives we might want to reconsider.
If you are a parent the chances are pretty good that you have children who either play soccer or football or who like to throw on a basketball jersey and hit the gym for some one on one with a friend even if they do not actually play on an organized team. Do you play tennis or golf for exercise and enjoyment? Do some of your friendships center around sporting activities such as bowling? Do you own a bicycle? Most of us have had some experience with cycling at some point in our lives. We may not hop on a bike much as adults but chances are that we did it quite often when we were kids.
Then there are all those winter sports that find so many enthusiasts such as skiing and ice skating and hockey. Even if you do not participate in any of those sports yourself, you likely find yourselves watching others engaged in these activities on occasion. Perhaps you are one of the millions who camps out in front of their television during the tenure of the Olympic Games? One does not have to actively participate in sports to enjoy it. Watching, after all can allow one to feel the enthusiasm that typically is part of the world of sports. You can ride the highs and experience the lows that accompany winning and losing even as a fan.
Will you be one of the many millions of individuals who will be watching the action on Super Bowl Sunday in a week or so? During the dreary, long and cold winter months, many of us are grateful to be able to watch exhilarating sporting events from the warmth and comfort of our own homes.
When you stop and really think about it, sports likely plays an important part in most of our lives