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How Important Is The Coach To A Team?

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In the history of sports, coaching has had a very substantial role. Often it is the coach that receives a good share of the credit when his or her team wins and a good share of the blame when they don’t. How important, really, is the coach on any given team? The Salt Lake Real Soccer team just may find out the answer to that question during the course of this next season as they play under the direction of a new coach.
The team that wears the Real logo on their soccer uniforms has performed admirably for their long time coach, Jason Kreis, who has lead the team with an intensity that may be hard to match. On the other hand, newly appointed coach Jeff Cassar knows the team and the chemistry very well since he served as assistant coach under Kreis for almost the entire seven year tenure that Jason Kreis was at the helm. He’s engaging and affable and well-liked by Real players and management. The test will be ongoing this next season as fans and critics alike watch to see how their team performs under a new leader. Expectations are high for this small market team who surprised many by advancing to two finals in recent years.