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How Is The NFL Stacking Up For The New Season?

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Before the kick-off of the professional football season of 2010, how are the team standings? Several of last season’s winning teams are looking good once again this year. San Diego acquired Ryan Matthews which made their team strong and the fans are optimistic that the team will get more than 300 carries this season. Its highly possible that if he keeps his good health, he will play good enough to qualify as offensive rookie of the year. It is obvious that things are looking great for San Diego.

Last year was a good season for Green Bay even if they had an odd play-off loss against Arizona. Their players are getting on with age and it has become a concern even if they are still delivering the scores they needed. Jermichael Finley is on his second year and looks very promising. Aaron Rodgers may be a matured player but he manages to give Green Bay a lot of offensive options.

Don’t leave out Indianapolis while Peyton Manning is on their side and the rest of the stellar players. Even if they received multiple injuries, they still look strong for this coming season.

Hopefully, New Orleans will retain their Super Bowl championship title for another year. They are capable of this assignment yet there are other teams competing for the coveted price and the plan is to put them to the test.

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