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How Is The NFL Stacking Up For The New Season?

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Before the 2010 professional football season kicks-off, how are things stacking up among the teams? Many of the proven teams of last season are looking good again for this year. San Diego looks strong with the acquisition of Ryan Matthews who many believe will likely get upwards of 300 carries this coming season. There is also a strong possibility that if he remains healthy he could play well enough to be named offensive rookie of the year. Obviously that bodes well for San Diego.
Green Bay had a good season last year even with their odd play-off loss to Arizona. They have some aging players that are somewhat of a concern but they seem to still be delivering what is needed. In his second year Jermichael Finley looks very promising as does the greatly matured Aaron Rodgers who always manages to give Green Bay plenty of offensive options.
Never count Indianapolis out while they still have Peyton Manning and his great supporting cast of players. Even with various injuries among the team they look to be strong for the upcoming season.
Will New Orleans be able to keep their title of SuperBowl Champions for another year? They are capable of this daunting assignment to be sure but there are many other teams vying for that coveted prize that plan to thoroughly test them.
The season will soon be underway and it should prove to be a hard but exciting battle.

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