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How Much Exercise Is Sufficient?

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While there are some people who can’t seem to go a day without spending hours at some form of physical exercise, there are other individuals who try hard to avoid it completely. One has to wonder what is the best approach to exercise and how much of it is sufficient to keep the body healthy and in shape? Opinions differ on this question but it seems safe to say that some form of exercise at least five days of every week is ideal.

It isn’t necessary to get on the biking shorts for a forty mile ride or to lace up the boxing gloves for a two hour session with the punching bag in order to derive benefits from your activity. Quite the opposite. A recent publication from the journal of the American Heart Association reports that even small increments of aerobic exercise may be sufficient to lower one’s risk of coronary heart disease. That is good news for the millions who wish to maintain good health but are not die-hard lovers of exercise.
The current guide lines put forth by medical/exercise experts suggest at least 150 minutes of moderate to intense exercise each week. Those guide lines, however, are beginning to get a lot more flexible as research findings conclude that benefits can result from much less physical activity. Studies found that even ten to fifteen minutes a day of exercise may be sufficient for many people to reduce health risks. While these new findings are encouraging for those who are adverse to exercise, it should be noted that individuals who want not only to improve health but to also lose weight and tone their body need to spend more time in physical activity.