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How Old Is Too Old In Professional Sports?

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Some of the current sporting activities are dominated by the younger generation because of their strength and agility. Sports like football, hockey and rugby will require a physically fit body that can withstand sports injuries. While a person can pursue skiing or golfing later on in life, it is not likely for them to still wear a football jersey or the basketball uniform when they are much older. We can understand if during their youthful years, they were excelling in the sports they favored and are having a hard time giving it up when they reached their prime. They may even be reluctant to give up their sport because of the fame and recognition they received along with the compensation they get from the excellent performance of their skills. Several of these athletes would retire early, only to return again and again back into the sports arena before retiring for good.

Muhammad Ali gave up boxing numerous times before he retired his boxing gloves for good when he was 39 years old. Michael Jordan, a famous basketball player, found it hard to retire and so did Brett Favre, a football player. Several people agree that while it is exciting to watch your favorite athlete perform when they are older, it is also painful to watch them struggle when obviously their skills and stamina has diminished. Just like the lyrics to Kenny Roger’s song titled “The Gambler”, it says something like: you have got to know when you should hold on to them and also know when you should fold them.