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How “Super” Are Todays’ Premier Athletes?

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Some athletes are truly gifted with their talents and some work their way up by training hard to become the one of the best, if not the best in their sports. However, there is a huge surge in the number of the so-called super athletes. But the connotation about them is negative because they are linked to drug usage and abuse. You can’t blame the public why they think that way with regards to these athletes because history is not on their side – they were found guilty of using performance-enhancer drugs to bolster how they play in their respective sports.

Therefore, how can people know if the amazing feats of todays’ athletes were achieved based on their great accomplishments through their own merits and without using any PEDs? It will be a difficult task to know in these days.

There are many sports fans that turned their backs on their favorite players, especially in the world of baseball, due to the alleged and proven PEDs use. These allegations and even proven facts are hurting the sports world in a major way as some opt to boycott the game. The latest statistics showed that the gate attendance for the major league baseball games decreased by 1-2%. This value seems not that much, but when comparing the values to other major sports, you will notice the decline of attendance in baseball while other major sports enjoys surge in their gate attendance. The league understandably does not like to have any reduction with their ticket sales and in turn, the general profit of the league.

With the onset of such PED abuse, there are steps being undertaken by the governing bodies in order to find solutions to this growing issue. Bud Selig, the incumbent Baseball Commissioner, declared that his science adviser had been scrutinizing a human growth hormone blood test which is at present being studied. The commissioner has strong feelings human growth hormone/HGH should be banned. In fact, the Major League Baseball Association had banned this substance but the lack of enforcement for abuses is a missing key. It is obvious that their “honor system” tactic to the issue is not doing good things very well. If an athlete is dishonest enough to take the PEDs or HGHs, then he is likely to lie about it as well.

It is so nostalgic when it comes to thinking the “good old days” of the sports in which athletes became “super” on their own through hard work, practice and sacrifices. But all is not lost and it is still possible to have those back in the fold.

Nancy Smith is one of the owners of RobbinsSports.com, an online retailer specializing in Baseball Uniforms and Gym Bags