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How to do Cheerleading Jumps

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To prevent injuries make sure to do some stretching before jumping. Stretch your back, legs, arms and stomach. It is important to learn how to do the correct format of each jump you will perform. Though it varied for every squad, standard format for doing jumps is taught at several national cheerleading camps.

The Prep

Every jump must begin with the prep and done in 8 counts. For the prep, your body must be tight with legs put together and hands straight down on your side with fingers together. On the count of one, the hand must be brought to a clasped position in front of your body with elbows pointed downward. Hold this position for count 2. On count 3, your arms must extend to make a high V with your hands in fists and you must go on our toes. Hold this position for count 4. Keep your arms slightly in front of our body when making the V than directly out on our sides. During counts 3 and 4, concentrate on gaining all power you can get from your legs. If the legs are prepped and tightened correctly, the jumps will have a momentum that is higher and more graceful to the eyes.

The Jump

Now that you are ready, the jump must be done during counts 5 and 6. Bend the legs and gather all the strength you could to propel the body upwards while you are circling the arms inward in front of you. The legs and arms must hit the right position on count of 6. The arms and legs must be positioned depending on the jump that will be performed.

The Landing

You must land with the feet together at the count of 7 with legs bent in order to absorb the shock. The upper body should be slightly forward in order to maintain your balance and the arms should be extended downward. Your fingers should extend straight down with the palms inward beside your knees. Hold this position for count 8. After count 8, you must stand up straight and prepare for the next jump.

The Spread Eagle

This is the simplest jump in cheerleading and not as showy as the other jumps. To make this jump, spread your legs outward without moving our hips back. Your toes should be pointed while you are in the air and the hands are balled into fists and the arms are in the T position.

The Toe Touch

To make this jump, move your hips back and spread your legs upwards to your sides in a straddling position. Point your toes making sure the hands are into fists and not extended like the toes. The biggest challenge of this jump is not to reach for the toes. Keep the chest high and bring the legs up with toes pointed instead of reaching the arms or body downwards to the legs. Have the proper form and have your legs a little lower than to jump incorrectly. Your aim is to bring the legs parallel to the ground and then to the level of your hands. Once you attain this, do not stop. Continue to stretch and improve your jump until you can spread your legs more upwards. Spread your legs upward behind your arms the moment you have the ability to do so.