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How to Improve Hand Grip Strength

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It is great for everyone if we all had a nice, strong grip. In the corporate world, when we shake hands with our business partners, a nice strong grip is a tool we use to impress. To improve your handshake there are several tools and products that you can use.

A strong hand grip is categorized into 3 different strengths: crushing, pinch and support.

A crushing grip is the angry power you when shaking a person’s hand. This strength is a firm grasp that is good for holding something tightly. This could be increased by mashing foam balls or putty in your hands and by using a rush gripper.

The pinch grip is a strong grasp that allows you to hold a thing between your finger and thumb. It is enhanced by pinching a weight plate between the finger and thumb that you want to strengthen. You can use a wrapped towel over a bar and do pull ups with the towel as part of training. Another method is to use the Digi-flex Finger Exerciser. Without any special equipment, a great way to exercise is do fingertip pushups. This is done by doing pushups by placing the palm of the hand off the ground.

Support grip is important so that you can increase the length that you could grip that is heavy. It could be enhanced by carrying buckets of water or any heavy object for a long time. Hold a barball in front of you with the arms stretched in a 90 degree angle.

A great way to get results is by using a hand dynamometer. Try crushing things like soda cans to or ripping apart phone books to see which one is easier.

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