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How To Improve Your Baseball Pitch

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The season is here. It’s time to get ready to play some baseball and if it is your pitching that you want to improve upon, there are some tips that may prove helpful. Technique and mechanics are vitally important if you want to achieve real success as a pitcher. Practice, and lots of it, is also crucial. Set aside plenty of time to work on drills that will improve your technique.
When you are working on developing the correct arm action of your pitching arm it may be helpful to use a technique called the drop down knee stance. Just as the name indicates, you drop down on one knee (the same side as your pitching arm) with the other leg in front for support. When you practice your throws in this position, it isolates the lower body and allows you to concentrate fully on your arm motion.
The follow-through is an important element in good pitching. To help incorporate this movement into your pitch until it becomes second nature, try placing a can or bucket beneath your back foot while in the drop down knee stance. The purpose of this technique is that it will help to put proper weight disgtribution on the front leg and encourages the desired follow-through.
To be an effective pitcher, your always want to throw to the top side of the ball. To perfect this technique, practice with the elbow of the pitching arm level with the shoulders as you cock the arm back. Remember your follow through. Ideally, the throwing arm should end up near the opposite knee at the conclusion of the pitch.
If you wish to pitch a faster ball, you need to put your whole body into the action, not just your arm. Even your back is involved as it turns prior to the release of the ball. Try working on some of these techniques and see how much they can improve your performance.

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