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How To Improve Your Batting Efficiency

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If you are a baseball player and you want to be an asset to your team, you know how important it is to be proficient at batting. No matter how good you may be at pitching or fielding, if you have a poor batting average you are hurting your team.

No one hits the ball every time they step up to the plate, not even the very highly paid professionals. However, there are tips you can take that when followed will improve your efficiency and the satisfaction you feel with your level of play and your ability to contribute to your teams success.

Consistency is an important goal for someone who wants to be good at batting. You want to feel that your bat is going to connect with the ball every single time and that when you step up to home plate you have the confidence to get the job done.

Being good at anything requires practice and learning to be a good hitter is no exception. Plan to spend a fair amount of time working on improving your skills. You can go to a local school yard, a park or an empty field and get someone to pitch balls to you. Family members and friends come in very handy for this project. Remember that the more practice you put in, the greater the likelihood that you will achieve your goals.

Mental preparation is also important. You need to be mentally ready to bat a ball with complete focus on the task at hand. The hand to eye coordination which is so necessary to this sport requires that you concentrate fully on your objective. You might want to try some visualization exercises. Get a mental image of the perfect swing and how it feels. Set this in your mind to crowd out any negativity about your ability to hit the ball.

Take a deep breath and relax your body relieving built up tension that can cause your body to stiffen up. Think positively. Many events in life involve mind over matter and batting a baseball is certainly one of them.

Nancy Smith is one of the owners of RobbinsSports.com, an online retailer specializing in volleyball nets and basketball backboard.