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How To Make Competition Work In Your Favor

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Our world is filled with competition. There is something you definitely want to do and probably, you could do it very well, but the thing is, there are a lot of people who could do it better than you. Competition is not always a dirty word or a bad thing. In fact, it motivates people to do better, as an athlete, entertainer or as a businessman, and to achieve success that they might not have otherwise found. Sadly, it could also work the other way around with many people. In the face of competitors, some people walk away and quit reaching for their goals, leaving dreams and potentials unfulfilled.

Most of us would have also felt some conflicts in our lives. There are times there was no direct connection between the amount of effort you gave to the results you were rewarded. It seems unfair when you see some people being rewarded for accomplishments they did not do or what could have been done better by another person. It happens frequently. We also watch the injustice in society, why people are being paid lots of money for entertaining us and becoming famous for it, while others contribute their valuable time and talents for the common good and in return they are paid a very small remuneration for their accomplishments.

Life really isn’t fair but that’s the way it is. We just have to contend with this fact if you want to continue living. Like other areas in life, attitude has a great impact on how we are dealing with the constant challenge of competing in today’s world. We should believe in ourselves and our efforts are every bit as important as everybody else’s. Our chances for success is just the same with the others. We have to understand that within ourselves is the determination to achieve success. If we commit to ourselves that we will only pursue what is our heart’s desire and continue to work hard to achieve our goals, then we have a huge potential to achieve our success.

The success we have achieved may still not be the apex that we truly desire, but it could still be a great success even so. We will still have more accomplishments as we go down the road than if you decided never to take that first step. We could win in a any competition as long as we simply persevere. Perseverance is one of the greatest strengths in a person. It outlasts luck, intention and talent.

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