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How to Pick a Good Basketball Uniform for your Team

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When it comes to impressing the crowd, having an absolutely amazing looking uniform for your team can be helpful.  However, there are many thing to consider when ordering your uniforms for your team.  There are many different styles, budgets, and other things that must be considered.  Here are some suggestions to help you when deciding what uniform to order.

First, decide exactly what you need.  Is it just the top or a complete uniform with top, shorts, shoes, etc.  Many teams opt to just order the tops and have the player provide a pair of black shorts to go along with the uniform.  This is a good idea if you are on a tight budget, but if it is possible, it is much better to go with at least the top and shorts.

Second, it is important to consider if you will be using 2 sets of uniforms, one for the home games and a different one for away games.  In most city leagues, you will only be required to supply one color jersey. However in more formal game play, for example, high school leagues, you will be required to supply a colored jersey for away games and a white jersey for home games.  Be sure to check your league rules before placing your order.  Also, if you must have a colored and a white jersey, consider using a reversible jersey.

Third decide what material you would like for your jersey.  The two main materials used for basketball jerseys are mesh and dazzle.  There are advantages and disadvantage to each style.  Mesh is good because it is light weight and keeps the body cooler.  The disadvantages to mesh is that the artwork on the jersey typically does not look as good, especially of the mesh holes in the jersey are big.  Dazzle uniforms weigh slightly more than mesh uniforms and a a little more expensive.  However, they look much better.  The usually come in more styles with different trim.  Overall, I think that dazzle uniforms are much better.

The last thing to consider is the artwork that will be placed on the uniform.  Typically a basketball uniform has the team name on the front chest with the number below.  The number is also placed on the back in a larger size.  Many people also choose to place the player’s last name on the back of the uniform.  If you decide to complete the uniform with the shorts, often times people will have the team logo placed on the shorts right above one of the knees. 


Wade Boden is the Artwork Director of Robbins Sports, an online vendor of Basketball Uniforms, Portable Basketball Goals, and much more.