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How to Pick a Good Basketball Uniform for your Team

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Looking good in an amazing uniform is one of the best ways to impress a crowd. There are lots to consider when choosing your team uniform. There are various styles, prices and other matters you have to consider. Here are some tips in helping you decide what uniforms to order.

Initially, decide on what your requirements are. Do you just need a top or the complete outfit from the jersey, shorts down to the shoes. A lot of teams just order the jerseys and the player just wears a pair of black shorts with it. This is ideal if you are on a stringent budget. But of course, it is much better to have matching tops and shorts.

Next, consider how many sets of uniforms you need. Do you need a separate uniform for the home games and the away games? Some city leagues on require one color jerseys. In formal games like in high school leagues, they require home games to have white uniforms and the away games to have colored jerseys. Check the league rules before making your orders. A reversible jersey is a good option.

Another consideration is the type of material you need for your jersey. Mesh and dazzle are the most commonly used. Mesh is a light material and is cool to the body. The only disadvantage is that because of the holes, the print of the design doesn’t always come out nice. Dazzle uniforms weigh much lighter but is a bit pricey. They definitely look much better and come in various designs and trim.

Lastly, consider the artwork needed on the uniform. Usually, the basketball uniform has their team name written on the front with the number underneath. At the back, the number is placed in a larger font together with the player’s name. If the uniform comes with shorts, the team logo is placed right above one of the knees.

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