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How To Prepare For Football Season

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For most of us, winter has finally begun it’s exodus and it’s time to get enthused about a new season of sports coming up. We know that basketball season is beginning to wind down when we find ourselves in the midst of March Madness and realize that there are only a few weeks more of regulation games in the NBA. Now it is time to start thinking of football and envisioning all those rough and tumble players in their football jerseys scrambling down the field for touchdowns, the noise from the crowd and the atmosphere of excitement that is so much a part of the football playing experience. For those die-hard fans who suffer withdrawal after the completion of the Super Bowl, it’s time to perk up because spring practice has begun in earnest at most high schools, colleges and pro level clubs. The football helmets that were put away are now getting dusted off for another season of hard hitting.
Those athletes who let themselves get a bit out of shape during the winter months will now have to buckle down and get serious about getting their bodies ready for the grueling game of football. This likely will require doing everything they can to tone and strengthen leg, arm and core muscles. Running should be a main consideration along with sit-ups, squats and push-ups. According to football great, three-time Super Bowl champion, Tom Brady (quarterback for the New England Patriots) players need to make it a high priority to get in the best shape they can in order to endure a long season of hits, bumps and bruises. In a recent interview he maintained that a player should keep their body in good condition so they can practice as much as is necessary and indicated that without that practice it would be impossible to improve their play. He himself keeps a tough exercise schedule of weight lifting and intense cardio to stay in top shape. Along with getting the body ready, one should get the correct mental mind set to start the season. Focus and enthusiasm are critical to success in football as well as any other sport one chooses to engage in. Get excited about the potential for excelling and do everything possible to make that happen.