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How To Prepare For Football Season

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Winter is slowly making its exodus and everyone is getting enthusiastic about the new sports season coming soon. The basketball season is winding down in the middle of March Madness and there are just a few weeks left before the NBA regulation games begin. It’s also the time to think about football and visualize an exciting game where the players wearing your favorite football jerseys are scrambling on the field to make a touchdown. The noise coming from the cheering crowd completes the atmosphere of excitement that makes watching a football game an unforgettable experience. For football fans who are still suffering from withdrawal symptoms after the completion of the Super Bowl, you will be happy to know that spring practice has started in the colleges, high schools and pro level clubs. Those football helmets that were set aside are now being dusted and put to use once again.

Athletes who are out of shape because of hibernating during the winter months will have to stand up and get some workout to prepare for the upcoming football games. They will need to strengthen and tone their legs, core muscles and arms. Running will be a top consideration for exercise, along with squats, sit-ups and push-ups.

According to Tom Brady, three-time Super Bowl champion and football great, the players will need to make it their topmost priority to get in their best shape so they can endure the long season of constant physical injuries. During a recent interview, Brady maintained that the player must keep their bodies in great condition so they could practice as much as the need. Without practice, it will be hard for the players to improve the way they play. He personally keeps a tight exercise schedule dedicated to weight lifting and intense cardio just to keep in top shape.

Along with keeping the body fit and ready, the player must have the right mental condition to start the season. Critical to gaining success in football is the focus and enthusiasm on the sport that you choose. You must be very excited about potentially excelling and do all that you can to achieve it.