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How Will Brett Favre Be Remembered?

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Brett Favre seemed to be unbeatable during his glory days with Green Bay Packers. His fans loved him because he was like

Favre, enjoyed 19 years of a terrific steel – durable and strong. Thousands of fans braved below zero temperatures at Lambeau Field just to cheer him on. Millions more watched him on television all over the country.

He was the hero and legend that children wanted to be when they grew up. But things have changed and Brett Favre no longer plays for Green Bay Packers. He went to New York Jets, for a short stint the transferred to Minnesota Vikings, the undeniable rivals of Green Bay. This turned many of his fans into antagonists.

football career that earned him the title of “Iron Man”. That all came to a stop when he suffered injuries and bad play followed him thru the whole year. Favre announced that he is officially retiring from football.

Though this is not the first time that Favre made that decision, at his current age of 41, the bad plays and injuries will make you believe that it is for good this time. Aside from having a bad year on the field, Favre also has issues in his personal life. He is being publicly investigated for some extra marital activities that he made. It is indeed sad that this ugly chapter of his life will overshadow the amazing legacy he could have left behind.

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