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How Will Brett Favre Be Remembered?

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In his glory days with the Green Bay Packers, Brett Favre seemed to be almost invincible. He appeared to fans and foes alike to be as strong and durable as steel and was much beloved not only by the thousands of fans who braved the sub zero temperatures at Lambeau Field to cheer him on but also by millions more watching him on the television screens throughout the country. He was the hero that so many young kids wanted to grow up to be, a true legend. Things have changed for Brett Favre. He no longer plays for the Green Bay Packers where many no doubt felt he would stay until it was time for his eventual retirement. Instead, he ended up going to the New York Jets for a stint and then to the undisputed rivals of Green Bay, the Minnesota Vikings. That final act turned many of Favre’s long time fans into antagonists. Iron man, Favre enjoyed 19 years of terrific football including a stellar 2009-2010 season but that all came to a screeching halt when injuries and ineffective play dogged him throughout the year. Favre has now made it official that he will be hanging up football jersey for good. Although this is not the first time in his career that Favre has made that declaration, considering his age (41), his injuries and his ineffectual play, one has to believe that this time it is going to stick. Besides having a dismal year on the field, Favre’s personal life has also suffered some hits including an investigation into some extra-marital activities which has played out on the television screens and in newspapers throughout the country. It would be sad indeed if the ugliness of his final chapter blotted out the amazing legacy that was once his.

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