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Improve your Free-Throw

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The free throws during a basketball game are important for a team to win. These crucial shots could make the difference between losing and winning a game. Free throws are the results of a flagrant or technical foul, a foul made while shooting, or any foul made after the opposing team exceeded their foul limits. These shots are very common and important that’s why players should invest time in practicing them. Here are some ways on how to improve your free-throws:

Practice! Shooting free-throws is a great warm up exercise for practice. It doesn’t consume too much energy and it’s a routine you can do without getting exhausted. Spend 30 minutes a day working on your free throws.

Start with a solid base. When you face up to shooting your free-thrown, beginners usually line up exactly in the middle of the free-throw line. What you should do is line up the dominant foot (right foot if you’re right handed) with the court’s center. The feet must be shoulder width apart and you should face straight. The lead foot should be directly behind the free-throw line while the other foot is a few inches back.

Get a good grip on the ball. Position your arm so your shooting elbow is positioned above your foot. It should be bent to a 90 degree angle. The wrist must be parallel to the bicep and the ball should sit at the fingers of our hand. The non-dominant had should be placed on the side of the ball and acts only as a guide for the ball. Do not use this hand to generate power in moving the ball.

Performance with style. Shooting a basketball is an art. Crouch down and use the power of your legs to generate a forward movement with your body. As you spring upward from crouching, the forearms should move upward simultaneously. When you reach the peak height, move your wrist forward. As you reach the top of the jump, quickly flick your wrist and release the ball from your hands. End with the shooting hand still above the front food and middle finger is in line with the hoop.

Concentrate! This is the free-throw challenge. Use a routine that helps you relax and focus. You could dribble the ball 2 or 3 times before attempting your shot. Or if your routine does not include dribbling the ball, do what makes you feel happy. You have 10 seconds to make that shot so you have a lot of time. Do not rush your free-throw. One of the most delayed free-throw shooters is Tim Duncan. If you don’t take time to concentrate and just hit your free-throws that means you are a lousy player.

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