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Improving Your Baseball Throw

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No doubt, baseball is one of the famous American sports. Children who are not yet attending school play baseball by joining little league and pee wees. The sport is also played in colleges, high schools and at the professional level. It is also famous in city and county recreational teams.

Baseball requires skill, coordination, speed and accuracy. To excel in this sport, it is important to learn the right techniques in playing the game then put in enough time for practicing these techniques.

Throwing the ball with speed and accuracy is just one of the important elements of the sport. Nothing can substitute enough training and practice but it is also helpful if you understand the mechanics of throwing the ball. Hand placement is vital if you want the ball thrown quickly and make it go in the direction you want. Place the ball in your throwing hand with the first and second fingers griping the ball across the seams and the thumb placed underneath the side for support while you grip across the seams on the bottom. This the correct placement of the ball. At first this position does not feel normal but after some practice using this technique, you will understand how the ball placement allows the ball to travel faster and straighter.

Keep your fingertips on the ball where it will be released the fastest rather than settling it toward the back of your hand will result into an exceptional throw. The best possible throw involves some wrist action and some hand and arm movement. In preparing to throw, cock your wrist backwards so it becomes a full effort using your arm when the ball is thrown forward rather than just an arm motion. This will increase its speed and power.

Correct body alignment needs you to square your body toward the person or object you are aiming for. Then line up your entire body in the same manner. As you progress to throwing the ball, your throwing elbow must be shoulder height with your knuckles pointing upwards. This may seem awkward if you are not trained to throw this way. With constant practice of these techniques you will gain better results than a simple front to back movement of the ball.

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