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In The Midst Of Greatness

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You may or may not be a BYU fan but either way it’s hard to dispute the fact that their star guard, Jimmer Fredette, is an extremely talented basketball player. His 47 points against the University of Utah was just one more glowing statistic in his ever-growing and increasingly spectacular resume.
There are a lot of good basketball players around but not all that many who are truly great. Jimmer Fredette would definitely fit that description. Even if you don’t follow BYU sports, it would have been hard to miss the press that Fredette received in this, his senior year. He dominated the Utah basketball coverage, leaving no doubt as to how highly recruited he is going to be. Whether a true-blue Cougar fan or not, it’s been a privilege to have this young man in our midst over the last few years. It’s extremely likely that he’ll go on to bigger and better things and that he will become even more well known than he is now. Others in the country will undoubtedly get to see for themselves what we have been able to witness when he steps on a basketball court. Just as we who live in Utah were fortunate to have John Stockton and Karl Malone wearing the Jazz basketball uniform and representing our state, so too are we fortunate to have been in the midst of such a superb athlete as Jimmer Fredette.

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