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In The Midst Of Greatness

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Whether you are a BYU fan or not, you can’t argue with the fact that Jimmer Fredette, their star guard is truly talented. The 47 points flashing on the portable scoreboards against the Utah team was an additional statistic to his very progressive basketball career.

There are several players who are truly great athletes. But none has come close to the success that Jimmer Fredette has achieved. If you read the BYU sports, you won’t miss the news about Fredette’s senior year. He ruled over the coverage of Utah basketball which leaves without a doubt how he will be highly recruited once he graduates. Whether you are a true-blue Cougar fan or not, it has been a pleasure to have this talented young man playing for our team in the past few years. It is most likely he is heading to bigger and better things and he will be more famous than he is right now. People all over the country will get to witness what a superb player he is once he steps into the basketball court. As residents of Utah, we are lucky we had Karl Malone and John Stockton wearing our Jazz basketball uniforms and playing for our state. Likewise, we are fortunate to have Jimmer Fredette playing within our midst.