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In The NBA Greed Rules The Day

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It’s a sad time in the world of sports and for those that were eagerly anticipating the beginning of the new NBA season which was originally scheduled to start in early October. For the millions of fans who were looking forward to watching their personal favorites step onto the court wearing the basketball uniform of their respective teams and the start of an action-packed new season, the dream has been shelved, at least for the present time. The owners and players that make up the National Basketball Association could not seem to come to an agreement that both sides found acceptable. What may appear even more unacceptable to the viewing public is the idea that players who are being paid millions of dollars for playing the sport they love in front of adoring fans and the national spotlight feel that they are underpaid and under appreciated. PLEASE. Could they really be so unaware of the current economic situation in this country and the fact that many millions of their fans have no jobs at all, let alone ones that make them famous and rich at the same time.

The owners are not without guilt in this sports crisis either. While it is true that a high percentage of them have experienced reduced revenue in the last couple of years, it’s not like they aren’t making a tidy profit themselves.
It remains to be seen how this will all play out, but it’s discouraging and sad to know that those who are in a position to come to an agreement and settle for a little less than the enormous sums they are making will not budge.

Meanwhile, the faithful fans who have longed for the beginning of a basketball season that would help to take their minds off the worries of a poor economy and the financial hardships that accompany it will have just one more frustration to deal with.