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In The NBA Greed Rules The Day

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The world of sports and fans will be terribly disappointed about the opening of the NBA season which was intended to start early in October. Millions of fans were expecting to see their favorite athletes wear their basketball uniform and start the new season with some action. For now, that dream has been set aside.

The players and owners that compose the National Basketball Association can’t seem to come to an agreement. What seems to be unacceptable is that everyone knows that the athletes are paid millions of dollars to pay the sport they love and receive national attention at the same time. Yet they feel they are not paid enough and given the appreciation that they deserve. Are these athletes totally oblivious to the economic situation of the country? The fact that most of their fans are currently jobless, yet they are the same people who made the athletes rich and gave them their celebrity status.

The owners of the franchise are not guilt free in the crisis in the world of sports. Though it is true that their revenue was reduced by a high percentage in the past 2 years, they did still make a handsome profit out of it.

We still don’t know how this will get resolved but it is disheartening to know that those in authority could not come to an agreement over a few millions they are bound to lose. Both sides will not settle for anything less than these amounts and both are not willing to compromise.

For the meantime, the fans will have to wait for the basketball season to start. The games help the fans forget about their financial hardships and the effects of the poor economy which is ironic because of the financial crisis that’s going on within the world of sports.