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Increased Risk Of Injury Accompanies Shortened NBA Season

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Finally the NBA has restored itself back to order. Now the fans have the chance to see their favorite players wear their basketball uniforms again. Although shortened in terms of numbers of games, this season will still have its’ share of fantastic plays and games.

Usually, an NBA city gets to watch their team play a couple of times per week. However, since the lock-out affected the schedule, the teams will be forced to play around 3 to 4 times in 7 days.

This is good for the league and for the owners who can salvage some revenue lost during the period of the lockout. However, this might push the players too far and make them more susceptible to injury. These athlete rain very hard all year. They play the games and they also travel a lot.

Eventually these activities could get to them. Their bodies will be subjected to grueling schedules of physically play every other night. This is the effect of a shortened season.

Basketball is a contact sport where the players bang each other underneath the basket. They get hacked accidentally every now and then. Even the most fit athlete could fall to injury with the frequency of these games.