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Increased Risk Of Injury Accompanies Shortened NBA Season

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The restored opportunity for millions of fans to follow their favorite teams and watch their favorite players streak down the hardwood in their designated basketball uniforms has been wonderful. With the new compacted NBA schedule, instead of looking forward to a couple of games per week (and sometimes only one), fans now can plan on tuning in three or four times each week if they desire. While that might be terrific for the fans, it’s not all that great for the players. It’s a fact that playing basketball at a professional level involves a lot of wear and tear on the body. The constant physicality of the game results in fatigue and muscle strain at the very least and much more serious side effects routinely. Even the normal amount of aches and pains a player may sustain in any given game has no time to heal when the body is subjected to more of the same less than a day later. This is hard on the players and hard on the team who ends up having fewer available men to play while others sit on the sidelines with injuries. It likely also has an effect on the amount of time coaches plan practices with their teams. Obviously, practice is beneficial and leads to more cohesiveness and better understanding among teammates but it also adds to the fatigue and body stress that the players are already dealing with. This appears to be just one more down-side to the lock-out of last year and the repercussions that followed.