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Inexpensive Therapy

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In the rush and chaos of this pressure filled world we all share, it’s important to find as much relaxation and recreational outlet as we possibly can. It really isn’t just a luxury but an absolute necessity for our health and well-being.

A recent article I read talked about the recreational opportunities made available to young children living in Gaza to relieve the pressure they felt living in their tumultuous surroundings. This had a very positive effect on these children as I’m sure it would have had on adults as well.

It could be any number of activities that might offer this much needed “break from life”. Perhaps for some, the ideas of relaxation haven’t got as much to do with lying on the couch with their feet up as it does with doing something pleasant that they enjoy and that can take their minds off the current crisis in their lives for a while. For instance, I find it hard to imagine anything more pleasant than spending a perfect spring evening out at the ball park breathing in the fresh air and cheering on the home team. The entire experience is exhilarating, from the wafting aroma of hot, buttered popcorn to that first bite of a mustard drenched hot dog to the rising chants of hundreds of fans. No wonder baseball is called the quintessential American pastime. It’s pure escape complete with an adrenalin rush.

After a hard day, whether at the office under the scrutiny of a complaining boss and the assault of a constantly ringing phone, or at home under a mountain of mundane but necessary tasks, the anticipation of the unwinding that awaits at the ball field is almost tangible. There we can be lulled away from the problems of the day and the constant weight of responsibilities resting so heavily upon our shoulders. Within minutes we can almost feel the weariness drain from the body replaced by a vigor and enthusiasm we did not think possible. One can’t help getting caught up in the excitement. Hearing the crack of the bat as it sends a perfectly connected ball far into the outfield is music to the ears of jubilant fans. For a brief period of time it’s so good to have nothing on ones’ mind more serious than the play by play of the game. Negative thoughts and nagging worries have temporarily evaporated and for a moment life is sweet and uncomplicated. All this for the price of a ticket. Pretty inexpensive therapy don’t you think?

Nancy Smith is one of the owners of RobbinsSports.com, an online retailer specializing in volleyball nets and basketball uniforms.