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Inexpensive Therapy

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It is important to find a recreational outlet so we can relax amidst all the chaos and stress in our life. It really isn’t just for luxury but absolutely necessary to keep us healthy.

There was a recent article that was written about the recreational activities for the young children in Gaza that was made available in order to relieve the stress they were feeling from living in their depressed surroundings. These activities have a positive effect on the children and with the adults as well.

There are a lot of relaxing and recreational activities we can chose from to take a break from life. For some, it takes more than just lying on the couch to get the kind of relaxation that they want. Some people find it more relaxing to go to the ball park on a perfect spring evening and watch a ball game while cheering for their favorite team. They get a wonderful experience of feeling the excitement, smelling warm buttered popcorn and the taste of mustard on hotdogs while chanting with hundreds of other fans. No wonder baseball is still the American national pastime. It is their purest escape with the adrenalin rush.

After a long hard day at the office, the thought of relaxing at the ball field is a very welcoming thought. It is there where they forget the problems they had during the day and the weight on their shoulders are removed. Within minutes all the stress they feel are removed and replaced with vigor and excitement. Once you hear the crack of the bat, it sounds like heavenly music to the ears of the jubilant fans. For a moment, there is nothing more they would like to think about except playing the game. All the negativity and stress are temporarily erased and life is sweet and simple. You get this all with the price of a simple baseball ticket. It’s the cheapest form of therapy, don’t you think?

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