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Involvement In Sports Can Make Great Memories

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If you are old enough to have experienced some of the ups and downs and successes and failures of life, you have lived long enough to have made some memories. Are most of them good? While disappointment and regret are part of life experience and should be accepted at such, there are many occasions for much joy and achievement along the way as well. At least, that is how it should be. That is how we wish it to be for our children (or grandchildren if that happens to be the phase of life we are in). We would like for those young people that we care so much about to be involved in as many experiences as possible that will bring them satisfaction and happiness. That is where sports comes in. Think back to your own memories of your childhood and youth. Do sports play a large factor in a good share of those memories? For most people, that seems to be the case. They recall friendships made (and often times kept throughout the course of life), lessons learned, and successes achieved through their involvement in sports in one form or another.

Because there is such a wide range of sporting activities available, one should be able to continue their involvement throughout most of their lives. It is heartwarming to see people who appear to be well into their 80’s out walking or golfing and enjoying the weather on a nice day. It is quite possibly one of main reasons they are still able to do those things – because they have stayed with it. And, even if you have sort of given up on a lot of the physical activities that you once enjoyed, you can always dive back in. Our bodies are remarkable machines and they like to be used. That is another good lesson we can share with those young people in our lives. Encourage and make opportunities for them to be involved in activities that will strengthen them and improve their lives in a myriad of ways, making precious memories along the way.

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