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Is Boxing A Cardio Workout?

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Perhaps a good share of the recent “boxing junkies” wonder if they are getting a good cardio vascular workout when they strap on the boxing gloves.
While it is considered a highly enjoyable physical activity by those who participate, it may not always result in the kind of fat-burning benefits that most would desire. According to various experts it takes throwing some pretty mean punches to be considered a cardio workout. This would include striking the punching bag hard in rapid succession for a long enough period of time to result in heavy breathing. Getting the heart rate up and sustaining that rate for the desired period of time will bring maximum cardio results. It is estimated that combining both power and speed in the boxing workout will bring about heavy breathing in approx. one minute. Proponents of interval training promote the notion that after a short blast of intense workout one can get maximum results by following up with a less intense exercise to bring the heart rate back down. This pattern is repeated numerous times with intense energy output followed by recovery. Research has shown this method of training to be very effective and can easily be accomplished in a boxing workout.