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Is Boxing A Cardio Workout?

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The question if boxing can be considered a cardio-vascular exercise is about to be answered. The truth about it is that if you spend about 30 minutes continuously moving and boxing, then it could be a cardio-vascular workout.

When you lace up your boxing gloves and continuously dance on your feet while sparring with someone, the movements promote better blood circulation. The real deal maker is the punches thrown. You need to throw hard punches at your sparring partner or punching bag to gain the full benefits of boxing as a cardio-vascular exercise.

All these movement will raise your heart rate and produce the desired results that you are looking for. These include calories burned, regular breathing and better blood flow. About one minute of these movements gets you to breathe heavily through your nose. This is the result of speed and power combined in all those movements. This brings in fresh air into your system and releases the old from your body.