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Is Cheating Prevalent In The World Of Sports?

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It all started with the deflate-gate scandal concerning the New England Patriots. Football fans say that the Pats cheated so they can make their way to the Superbowl. This incident involved deflated footballs that eventually were believed to favor the Pats against the Indianapolis Colts. With that in mind, fans are now asking how bad is cheating in sports. The Pats eventually won that game. However, did they feel good about it? No one thinks so.

When cheating is involved, there is obviously a lot on money in it. However, for the players who execute the cheats, do they feel good about themselves? The truth is that a win based on cheating is not as fulfilling as an honest win (or even a loss). An honest win is based on integrity of the team, players, coaches and management. If cheating persisted in a win, it is one with guilt.

The bad thing is there are those who condone this. Some even think that cheating might be the difference between winning and losing. This is just a cold hearted observation made by some. People can never give teams that cheat the respect that they can get if they play honest ball.

Cheating is also prevalent in individual sports. The main aim here is to gather as much wins and championships an individual can get. Take the case of Lance Armstrong. So many disrespected him for cheating so that he can win as many Tour de France cycling championships as he can. In the end, most of his fans were very disappointed with the way he won his championships.

Major League Baseball is not exempted from these cheaters. Jose Canseco admitted to using illegal substances to improve on his performance. Track and field as well fell victim to this. Track star Marion Jones admitted to using performance enhancing drugs to give her the advantage that she needs to win her races. As a consequence, she was ordered to give back her medals.

It does not end there. Deception is the offspring of cheating athletes. Fans have been cheated by the very same people who they look up to and for this they have lost all respect for them.