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Is Fan Base Down For Major Sports?

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While there are several professional teams that enjoy a huge crowd attendance in their games, there are other teams that lack the support from their hometown fans. Managers and team officials are concerned that the main reason for this is bad economy that is why people are saving their money instead of buying tickets to the ballgame.

Watching a baseball game is a great source of relaxation but it is not a priority so many fans tend to give up watching. The total attendance in watching the major league baseball games has been reduced slightly by around a few hundred tickets per game. Management would prefer to see the stadiums filled with people and the tickets all sold out. The biggest crowds arrive when the rival teams are the ones playing. When Chicago Cubs had a match with St. Louis Cardinals, a big crowd appeared to give them full support and were cheering for them which is not typical for the other games.

Another reason may be the success of the team. If the team is not having a lot of wins this season, the interest of the fans wavers. It’s like a domino effect. If your team does not play well, it will not catch the interest of the fans. If no one watches the games, you won’t have the revenue to pay for the salaries of your players or recruit new ones to make your team successful. In the meantime, all the managers of the professional sports teams are hopeful the economy will improve and so is the crowd attendance at these sporting games.

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