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Is Fan Base Down For Major Sports?

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While many of the professional teams enjoy packed houses and a shortage of available tickets when they play their games, there are others that lack sufficient interest from their home crowds. Concerned managers and team officials speculate that the economy is the main culprit because so many people are having to watch their pennies a lot more closely than they have in the past. Going to a baseball game may be a great form of recreation and enjoyment but it is not a necessity of life and many fans have had to give up that activity. Overall attendance for major league baseball is down minimally by a couple of hundred tickets per game. It could be worse obviously, but management would love to see the stadiums full and the tickets sold out for every game. The best crowds seem to come for games when rival teams are playing. This season when the Chicago Cubs matched up against the St. Louis Cardinals, a huge crowd (more than half for the visiting team) showed up to cheer on their team, but typical games do not see that kind of support.

Another factor that plays into this equation is the success of the team itself. If they are not having a winning season, fan interest wanes. It’s one of those catch-22 deals, if you don’t play well and have the crowd interest, you also don’t have the revenue needed to attract and pay new players which could increase the likelihood of a successful season. Meanwhile, like everyone else, the management of the professional baseball teams as well as those of other sports clubs are hoping that the economy improves and along with it, attendance at all sporting events.

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