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Is Football A Good Sport For Your Child?

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Though football remains as America’s favorite sport and pastime, there is just too much talk about the bad things that happen during the game. There are millions of fans who enjoy watching their favorite athlete run across the field wearing their customized football jerseys and they are also aware of the hazards of this sport. There are feature stories about retired football celebrities who are currently suffering from health issues brought about by football related injuries. Many of them say they would not even let their children play this sport even if it catapulted them to becoming rich and famous. It is hard to keep Americans from loving this age old sport. The outpouring of enthusiasm is still there every start of the new football season. It is hard to ignore the difficulties of this sport.

A lot of athletes claim that they learned their life lessons by playing football. They learned that it is important to work hard and to give it all your best. The learned the value of playing together as a team to achieve your common goals. And part of life’s experiences is to taste the sweetness of success and the bitterness of defeat. To keep yourself in top condition, you have to learn to give it your time and effort.

Unfortunately, part of the life lessons is learning that not everyone you play with plays the same rules and demonstrates the same emotional discipline that you have learned. There are people who only aim to win regardless of who they hurt during the process. There are players who intimidate, ridicule and bully. It is doubly painful if these actions came from your coach or your superiors. These incidences can discourage and demotivate an individual who would want to learn how to play football. Recently, there have been stories about bullying right inside the locker rooms to the dismay of the fans.

Would you like to recommend this sport to your children? You will have to thoroughly evaluate the various benefits and disadvantages of this sport. There are a lot of positive lessons they can learn from playing football. But at the same time there is also an equal amount of negative vibes they will be exposed to. Taking to your child about these pros and cons of the sport would be a very good first step towards making a concrete decision.