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Is High Intensity Exercise Necessary For Fitness?

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We see those pictures in the magazines of the bulging muscled guy models and the perfectly sculpted female models and assume they must spend their lives in the gym in order to look like they do. While it’s true that some people spend an inordinate amount of time at their local exercise facility, science shows that it is not necessary to spend that time of time or put forth that amount of intensity to achieve our fitness goals. Would it surprise you to know that you can sculpt your body and improve your fitness levels by working out in a more moderate manner?
Studies have shown that interval training is a very effective way to increase fitness, strength and tone. It appears that it is not necessary to maintain an intense level throughout your workout but to work hard for a brief period and then slow down to a more relaxed effort for another period of time.
This technique also is easier on the joints and less impact to the body overall.
It is suggested that runners go full out for a space and then follow it up with a slower gait for a period of time, then back to the full out run. This seems to maximize the benefits that come as a result of such training.
It is also good news for those of us who like to workout and know that it is necessary but who do not have the stamina or the desire to end each workout session sweating profusely and unable to catch our breath. There definitely is wisdom in the old saying that moderation in all things is most ideal.