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Is High Intensity Interval Training Right For You?

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Is High Intensity Interval Training Right For You?

HIT is the new buzzword in the exercise circles today. It means “high intensity training”. What is beneficial about this type of workout is that it could give you the exact same benefits you get from a longer but more tiring workout in just a fraction of its time. It seems good to be true, but is it possible? It was proven to be as effective as it claims, but the catch there is, you have to give your full commitment and effort in each and every workout.

A friend of mine decided to try this new technique, thinking she would save some time with the shortened workouts. Her first exercise routine needed only 9 minutes of the intense workout that were intervals of 1, 2, 3, 2 and 1 minute, with equal amounts of resting time in between the segments. It seemed like a piece of cake. Her impression changed immediately the moment she started and realized the difficulty of what she was doing. It was demanding to maintain the level of effort for even 2 or 3 minutes. By the end of 9 minutes, she already felt ill. This did not discourage her from doing the next batch of exercises as scheduled. She realized she received the same results from her 2 hour marathons and workouts. She promised to continue with her HIT. She confirmed she felt more discomfort and pain with the new exercise techniques but it was worth all the effort.

This new method works for my friend but it is not for everyone, especially those whose requirements are just non-strenuous and low-impact activity.

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