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Is It Time For A Shake-Up In The NBA?

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Eighty two games makes for a long season in the NBA. It is long for those who are suffering through losing streaks and it is long for those premier athletes who leave it all out on the floor night after night to the point of exhaustion. That kind of energy expenditure takes a toll on the body that is undeniable. For that reason it seems sensible for coaches to pace the play of
their superstars so they’ll be able to successfully compete when it comes time for play-offs in late spring. Greg Popovich illustrated how this could be done recently by resting his most valuable players during the winding down of regular season. That’s great for the players but no so great for the fans who spend good money hoping to watch these premier players perform their magic and instead have to settle for the more mediocre athletes. Regular season runs for sixth months from October through March at which time post season play-offs begin for the 16 teams who came out on top. The play-offs take another two months to conclude which means that professional basketball is being played 75 percent of each calendar year. That’s a lot of basketball. Perhaps it’s time to whittle that amount of playing time down or at least restructure it in a way that would make more sense. Some have suggested splitting the league up into two groups, one a premier, highly-competitive group and the other a lesser talented team. Only the premier team would be eligible for the end of season play-offs and the “B” team players would have to prove their worth and earn a spot on the elite roster. Seems a drastic change for this much loved sport. Another possibility would be to dissolve the east-west division that currently exists and end up having the teams with the best records play one another at the end of the season regardless of where in the country they reside. That could eliminate a lot of unnecessary games along with extra wear and tear on the premier athletes. It remains to be seen which changes, if any, will occur in the NBA but it seems a good time to start the process of an over-haul.