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Is It Time For A Shake-Up In The NBA?

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At 82 games, the NBA is tied with the National Hockey League for the 2nd longest regular season in major sports. That means athletes do their best in so many games that it subjects them to exhaustion and injury. Eventually this will affect them.

This is the main reason why San Antonio Spurs coach elects to rest his key players at various intervals during the regular season. Even highly trained professionals needs some rest. Lately, other coaches have followed suit. The rest will prepare them for the more important play-offs season.

Although this may be a good move for teams and players alike, most fans do not like it. They pay good money to watch their team try to win as many games as they can. Instead of seeing the best players in front of them, they get to watch the bench players do their jobs.

This usually happens in the latter part of the regular season where the teams usually already know that they have a safe place in the play-offs. They play a lot of games during this stage of the season. On the other hand, they only have two months to contend for the championship during play-off season.

82 games that includes traveling mostly in the middle of the night is very arduous even on these physically gifted players. That is why there have been talks about stream lining the league. Others suggest splitting the league with the elite teams in one and the other group with the lower ranked rosters. The elite teams fight for the championship. The lower ranked league will send their top team to the elite group replacing the lowest seed.

It seems to be a drastic change. However, this will reduce the games that all teams play while leaving their best players on the floor every night.