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Is Jazz Style Of Play Hard To Learn?

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Some NBA teams have a style of play that is relatively easy to pick up and newcomers to those teams can usually get into the flow of things rather quickly. That may not be the case, however, with Coach Jerry Sloan’s style of play, particularly his offense, which is known to be somewhat more complicated to learn and to play. Once a player does learn what is expected of him and how to run the rotations required, the results are often very gratifying. The Jazz have had a great deal of success over the years with this particular style of play and with those players who adapt well to this routine. For this reason, Coach Sloan obviously feels more comfortable with his tried and true players than he does with newly acquired team members. The reputation that some feel he is getting for not liking to play his rookies is not necessarily true but he does acknowledge that it often takes time to learn the play patterns of his team. In the case of last year’s rookie, Wesley Matthews, it was a different story. Matthews was quick to get into sync with Jazz play and ended up starting in a large percentage of the games in which he played in the 2009-20l0 season. When asked, Coach Sloan insists that Matthews, like any other player, had to earn his playing time. This year’s rookie, Gordon Hayward, is no exception. He is expected to pay his dues by learning to properly execute the Jazz style of offense and so far he has done just that. He’s averaging 11.5 points a game and has seen a good deal of fourth quarter play, a sure indication of Coach Sloan’s confidence in him. Hayward is happy to have the floor time and says that he has been working hard to be an asset to his new team.

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