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Is Jazz Style Of Play Hard To Learn?

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Some teams in the NBA have a game play that is easy to learn and the newbies on the team can typically catch up quickly. In Coach Jerry Sloan’s style of play, that is not the case. His offense is known to be very complicated is not easy to learn and play. But once the player does what is asked from him and knows how to run the required rotations, the results are spectacular.

The Jazz has been successful over the years with this kind of game play and the players who have adapted this routine. It is for this reason that Coach Sloan is a lot more comfortable working with his tried and tested players than with the new recruits wearing their basketball uniforms. He has earned a reputation for not letting his rookies play but it is not necessarily true. He does admit that it takes a while before a player gets accustomed to his play patterns.

With last year’s rookie, Wesley Matthews, it was a totally different scenario. Matthews quickly synced in with the Jazz play and ended up playing in a large portion of the games which he played during the 2009-2010 season. When Coach Sloan was asked, he insisted that Matthews had to earn his playing time just like the other players. Gordon Hayward, this year’s rookie was no exception. He is expected to properly execute the Jazz offense style and so far he has been successful. He averages 11.5 points on the portable scoreboards for every game and had a lot of good fourth quarter play. It was a sure indication that Coach Sloan had faith in him. Hayward is happy he is having some floor time and said that his hard work is his team’s asset.