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Is Kirilenko Going Or Staying?

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There are still some changes happening in the Utah Jazz final team listing for this coming season. Just when you thought they already settled down after all those shifts they did during summer, there’s a new change happening again.

Andre Kirilenko is the team player in question. He receives a hefty salary of $17.8 million. He had been with the team for 8 seasons and he has played brilliantly along with some days of miserable output. It would be financially advantageous for Jazz if they traded him over to another team so they don’t have to be burdened with heavy luxury taxes. It would also badly affect the shot blocking abilities of the teams because Kirilenko has the longest arms than all the other players.

Still basketball is a business and management has to do the best for the team so they will have to send off Kirilenko. There had been rumors going around for several days about Kirilenko being traded off to Denver in exchange for Carmello Anthony, Quinton Ross, Boris Diaw and Derrick Favors plus two other players. There is no assurance as of the status of the trade and Kirilenko will still continue to play for Jazz.

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