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Is Kirilenko Going Or Staying?

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Changes are still in the wind as far as the final team roster for the Utah Jazz for the upcoming season. Just when it appeared that the dust was beginning to settle after the change-ups that occurred during the summer, once again the pot is being stirred. The teammate in question presently is Andre Kirilenko who is the recipient of a good share of the Jazz’s team salary at 17.8 million dollars. Andre has been with the Jazz for eight seasons and during that time he has experienced episodes of brilliant play along with periods of dismal output. Trading him would help the Jazz financially and get them out from under the luxury tax burden that they are feeling the weight of. It would also adversely affect the teams shot blocking abilities, as Kirilenko typically seems to have the longest arms of anyone on the floor. Even so, basketball is a business and management must do what is best for the organization and that may mean to send Kirilenko on his way. Rumors have been flying for days about Kirilenko landing in Denver as part of a four-team trade involving Carmello Anthony, Boris Diaw, Quinton Ross and Derrick Favors along with a couple of other players. There still is no definitive word as to the status of such a trade and for now Kirilenko remains in a Jazz uniform which is where he says he hopes to stay.

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