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Is Preparation Key To Success?

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In order to excel at anything, you must at least have a talent for it. Determination and desire is also important if you want to achieve success but it is also important to be prepared if you are joining a competition. Lately, Kyle Whittingham, coach of University of Utah, acknowledged the efforts his team put in preparation for the games that they have been winning. He said that there was no secret or magic to how they achieved their success, it all came from hard work. This is true with all the other sports. To achieve the highest level, it is important to put in all your efforts to reach your goals and this involves a lot of hard work.

Sadly, not everyone is born with ability and talent. Some people may excel in sports, while other people excel in art or business. You will definitely excel in areas that you are really good at and those which you truly enjoy. Success may not always happen but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue your dreams and aspirations. In fact, you should go after things you love and that you enjoy doing. Follow your passion and desires and it will help you achieve your goals especially if you will put in all your efforts in preparation.

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