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Is the NBA Fixed?

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As I watch game 6 between Jazz and the Lakers, I realized that there are some NBA markets that are favored over the others. The NBA did a good job in keeping the communication secret between the NBA’s marketing executives and Joey Crawford and his buddies.

Meanwhile, Kobe Bryant kicked Matt Harpring in his side while he shot a fall away. The foul was called on Harpring. Then Kobe ran over a very still Paul Milsap on his way to make a layout. A blocking foul was called on Milsap. I could mention at least 10 obvious calls in the game that would be definite causes to fire any official in the league that call for fairness and objectivity.

In game 5, a travelling foul by Ronnie Brewer was left unnoticed. That would have given Jazz their first lead for the 3rd quarter. How about Pau Gasol charging Matt Harpring while he was like a statue. Everyone saw that except the referees. Now the Jazz lost by three points. That doesn’t seem so bad considering we played against the Lakers, 10-15.

A Foul is a Foul

People always talk about the player must respect the officials. However, Marquee guys like Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant arent’t allowed to be fouled out nor are the defenses get to close to guard them closely. A foul must be called regardless who the player or team is regardless the game being played.

So is the NBA fixed?I don’t think so. It is definitely broken!

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