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Is There An Ideal Size For A Biker Body?

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Bikers/cyclists are notorious for being health nuts. That is not a bad thing, mind you, although at times the tendency may go to the extreme. It stands to reason that anyone who spends the time and energy necessary to burn the amount of calories that bikers do would be careful not to sabotage their efforts. After all, where is the sense in biking 50 or 100 miles and burning tons of calories in the process only to erase those great efforts by eating the wrong things or just overeating in general. However, while it may be inadvisable to bulk up to the point that it hampers your efficiency when participating in your favorite pastime it is reasonable and even prudent to keep your body strong enough to be able to perform at peak levels and to do this one needs to consume enough calories to maintain their strength. Good judgment and moderation seem to be the order of the day when it comes to keeping the kind of healthy and toned body that is optimum for biking and that includes eating a healthy diet.

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