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Isn’t It About Time To Honor Jerry Sloan?

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There are just a few professional basketball coaches in history who have the same type of record or longevity that Jerry Sloan has. For 21 long years he has coached the Utah Jazz team and evne lead them to their victory to the national finals twice. This basketball season, the Jazz had accumulated over 50 wins, an accomplishment that they had done several times before. They were also division champions several times in the past. They have proved over time and again that they are the team that is hard to beat.

Yet this very talented coach who has led his team to receive so much success and accomplishments has been overlooked several times for the honor of being Coach of the Year. It is such a disgrace that the NBA has repeatedly neglected to give Jerry Sloan the distinguished honor that he truly deserves. Coach Sloan is only the 5th coach in the history of NBA to gain more than 1,000 wins for this team. This honorable distinction is associated with men like Hubie Brown and Cotton Fitzsimmons who were given not just one but two Coach of the Year awards.

Hopefully this current year, the NBA organization will finally honor Coach Sloan with the Coach of the Year award. With a bit of luck, Sloan’s accomplishments will finally be recognized and he will be given the credits that he is entitled to which has been long overdue.

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