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It Pays To Stay In Shape

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It doesn’t matter what sport you choose for exercise, you just have to do it. You can put on your cycling jersey and ride your bike or strap on your boxing gloves and go sparring in the gym. Both exercises will help you lose weight and get a toned body. Exercise is also good for your mental and physical well-being.

There are famous people who are good examples of individuals committed to exercising. One of them is Jack LaLanne. This world famous body-builder and fitness guru has inspired millions of people to get more exercise and eat healthy food. He is convinced that in order for the country to survive, its people should be physically fit and health. He kept himself in good condition that he gained the admiration of Arnold Schwarzenegger who called him the “animal”. In a friendly match, Lalanne who was 54 years old defeated Schwarzenegger who was 21.

Recently, Manohar Aich, a former Mr. Universe made it to the headlines when he turned 100 years old. He still had a healthy body and rippling muscles. While most of us probably won’t live to be a hundred or become professional body builders, we can at least keep our bodies healthy and fit as much as possible.