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It Pays To Stay In Shape

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No matter what it is one chooses to do for exercise, whether slipping on a cycling jersey and climbing on their bike or strapping on the boxing gloves for a good workout, the important thing is just to do it. Besides the obvious benefits of a more toned body and significant help in weight control, exercise is just plain good for the mind and body in general. Examples abound of those who have committed to make exercise an important part of their lives. Is the name Jack LaLanne familiar? This world-renowned body-builder and fitness guru inspired millions to get into the exercise routine and eat more nutritiously. He was convinced that the survival of our country depended on it’s populace being healthy and physically fit. He kept himself in prime condition throughout his life, gaining the admiration of fans such as Arnold Schwarzenegger who fondly referred to LaLanne as an “animal” after he was beaten by LaLanne an informal contest when the former was 21 years of age and LaLanne was 54.
More recently, a former Mr. Universe by the name of Manohar Aich made the news when he turned 100 years old, still sporting rippling muscles and a healthy body. While most of us don’t anticipate becoming professional body builders or living to be 100 years old, it is within our grasp to stay active and keep our bodies as healthy and fit as possible in order to live our best lives.