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It’s time for college football again!

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This is the anticipated day by many fans of collegiate football. As the hype during the pre-season went on, it will be worth the wait to see all the football action live or even through watching them on TV. Like me, I am sure that college football fans desire to see players that are highly touted to make their names, especially those who want to make the big leap to the NFL. It will also be fun to know if the powerhouse team of USC Trojans and LSU Tigers will lived up to their pre-season top rankings (they are alternates to nos. one and two in Top 25 polls).

Here are some of my thoughts on some for this 2007 college football season.

Conferences – How do they compare?

It has always been the SEC teams that dominate the collegiate football. Florida Gators was the defending champion and they have defeated UCLA Bruins which defeated the Trojans.

A poll conducted by MSN revealed that 50% of respondents chose SEC as the best conference, followed by the Big 10 (17%), Big 12 (11%), the PAC-10 (9.2%), the Big East (7.6%), and lastly the ACC (5.4%). It is notable here that the Mountain West Conference is left out. I wonder why? Nevertheless, I believe that the ACC teams, especially Miami Hurricanes and Florida State Seminoles will have a great Season, getting a position in the top 10 best college football team in the nation.

Heisman Race

It is very common that the Heisman Trophy is given to the player that can create offense and not the defense. The top contenders for the Heisman this year are all running backs and quarterbacks. I predict that it will be a QB who will the Heisman, either John David Booty or Colt Brennan.

Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno

It will be worth watching the battle between two great college football coaches. Well, they seem to be the oldest coach in this season and I do not see them stopping anytime soon. Bowden’s FSU has won three more games over Paterno’s Penn State throughout their matches. But I think that this year, Penn State has the edge over FSU. I hope that Paterno will consider retirement this year, and that Bowden will follow shortly after.

Find a good seat on the couch

It will be an exciting college football season. As of April, there where 14 plays that were taken away from each game last year. I do believe there will be late-game rallies, close matches and more football games will be played in general. The coverage of the games should be broadened in order for the fans to feel the games throughout the week. It will be quite the roller coaster ride between now and January. Will the pre-season hype live up or will there be amazing Cinderella stories? Let’s all find out soon!

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