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It’s Time To Regroup For The Jazz

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The season has come to an end for the Utah Jazz. It was one of some pretty high hopes and some pretty dismal lows. Some feel that they outplayed their abilities and others feel that they didn’t rise to their potential. Certain players were consistently good throughout the season, namely Deron Williams, and to a lesser degree, C.J. Miles and Paul Millsap. Kyle Korver had some great nights and some very lackluster ones as well. He will be an unrestricted free agent this year so we’ll have to see what that will mean for the Jazz. Then there’s Carlos Boozer who will also be an unrestricted free agent. If Carlos played like he is capable of night in and night out, any team would want to have him on their roster. The problem is, he has a history of inconsistency. He also has a history of injuries which sideline him for very long periods of time. He has let the team down on many occasions. The bruised quadricep which benched him for the very last game of the season against the Phoenix Suns was a deal breaker for a good many people. They simply could not accept that he would sit out that final game (which the Jazz lost, losing also a much more favorable match-up for the first series of play off games). He also played a less than motivating game 4 against the Lakers which had a lot to do with our getting swept and arriving at the end of our season sooner than we had hoped. The Jazz are in need commited players. It would also be helpful to get someone with some length who could offer a little resistence against teams that have 7 footers in their line-ups. The fans are hoping for some improvements before next season begins.

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