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It’s Time To Regroup For The Jazz

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It’s a season ender for Utah Jazz. There had been some highs and lows. Some players feel they outplayed themselves while others felt they did not reach their potentials. There were players who were consistently good all thru the season like Deron Williams, CJ Miles and Paul Millsap. Kyle Korver was a mix of some good and some bad nights. This year he will become an unlimited free lancer so it remains to be seen for Jazz.

So is Carlos Boozer who will also become one. If Carlos remained consistent and played well every night, then any team will want him on their side. The problem is, he is very inconsistent. He also has numerous injuries which made him inactive for long periods of time. He disappointed the team on several occasions. The bruised quadriceps which kept him at the bench during the last game of the season versus the Phoenix Suns was already the deal breaker for a lot of fans. The fact that he just sat out the entire last game which Jazz eventually lost, was unacceptable. He also played a less exciting game 4 versus the Lakers which contributed to the team getting eliminated out and arriving at the end of the season sooner than expected.

The Jazz team needs committed players. It also helps if they get someone with a good height to go against their 7 foot rivals in the line-ups. The fans are hopeful there will be improvements prior to the beginning of next season.

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