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January Blues Brighten With Playoff Games

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It’s that time of the year when the hustle-bustle and excitement of the holidays are over leaving only a trail of bills as a reminder. The skies are gray more often than blue and the temperatures are as low as many people’s spirits. The promise of spring is a long way off and there seems to be little to offer respite from the dreariness of winter. Except football! And not just regular football, but professional football play-offs. For the millions who have followed their teams since late summer training camps and settled in on favorite players it is an exciting time. Now we’re finally down to the last two teams and the final play-off game, SuperBowl XLVI, which is to take place on February 5, in Indianapolis. The winner of the AFC Championship(the New England Patriots) will square off against the victor of the NFC Championship (the New York Giants) and fans should be in for quite a game.
The Patriots are favored to win the big one but a good many SuperBowls have been won by the underdogs. Whether you’ll be cheering for the Patriots in their dark blue football jerseys, or the Giants in their royal blue football helmets, the excitement should be almost palpable for several hours on that upcoming Sunday afternoon. Then what are we sports fans going to do for fun until the next sport season begins?