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Jazz Add Another Win

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In the Monday night game versus Milwaukee Bucks held at Energy Solutions Arena, Jazz showed everything but energy during the first quarter of their play. Their shots found their way into the goal while the Bucks keep missing their shots. It seemed like a predictable and boring game until the tides turned and the momentum was reversed. Both teams played their best.

Deron Williams made 22 points along with 10 assists while Al Jefferson, his side kick, added 22 with 11 rebounds. Fans are disappointed with Andrew Bogut, former Ute player, who now plays for Bucks in center position, was unable to travel with the team due to back spasms. This left the Bucks short by one player so they lost to the home team with a final score of 109-88. Jazz fans feel pretty optimistic about the way the team had come together to play. With a slow starting record of 14-5, fans are already hopeful of a great season ahead.

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