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Jazz Are Back On Track

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Just when the fans and the best players of the team seemed to lose hope and feel disappointed with the team’s new recruits, things suddenly got better for the Jazzmen. In last night’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, just a game away from the season, Jazz got their team going.

Before the game started, Deron Williams showed his exasperation with the pace his team was going and wondered aloud what they could do about it. Right now he can put his frustrations aside. The team got their groove and played most of the game like a fully charged machine.

Breaking out of his game was CJ Miles who gave 3 three pointers and ended up with 21 points. Paul Millsap was the high scorer for the night with 30 points and 16 rebounds. Contributing 15 assists to Al Jefferson’s 23 points is Deron Williams. Utah team will have 2 days of rest before they go against Toronto Raptors this Wednesday night. Judging from last night’s game, Jazz will be strong and ready for the next match.

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