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Jazz Avoid Being Stung By The Hornets

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It was a game they really needed to win. After losing in a dismal match-up with the Houston Rockets just two nights ago, it was critical that the Jazz get back to winning in order to avoid slipping further in the Western Conference standings. Utah was up by 21 in the third quarter but allowed the Hornets to get within 5 points of them by early in the fourth quarter. Thankfully, the Jazz picked up the pace and were able to nail down the 114-103 win. Carlos Boozer didn’t score a ton of points but still ended up with a double double for the night, keeping his streak alive. Deron Williams was the high score man for the Jazz with 27 points. The Suns lost to Oklahoma City tonight which puts the Jazz back in the fourth spot of the standings. Hopes are high that they will hang in there and finish strong. They definitely do not want to meet the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs and after their intense game with the Thunder, Oklahoma City isn’t a good choice either. A lot can happen with these last couple of games in the season.

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