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Jazz Avoid Being Stung By The Hornets

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This was a game they desperately needed to win. After losing to the Houston Rockets two nights ago, Jazz needed to win this critical game to avoid slipping further away from the Western Conference standings. Utah was already leading by 21 points during the third quarter but early in the fourth quarter allowed the Hornets to get ahead of them by 5 points. Fortunately, Jazz picked up their pace and were able to grab the 114-103 win.

Carlos Boozer ended up the night with 2 doubles but not with very many points. Deron Williams scored the highest for Jazz with all of 27 points. The Suns conceded to Oklahoma City in the game tonight which puts the Jazz back in fourth position in the standings. Hopes are high that they should hang in there and try to finish with a bang. Definitely, they are not looking forward to matching up with the Lakers during the first round of play-offs and after the intense game with Oklahoma City, Thunder is some team they would like to avoid.

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