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Jazz Battle For Win

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Last night, for a good part of the game versus Phoenix Suns, Jazz looked like the uninspired team they were at the start of the year. They started off with a 2 point lead then quickly lagged behind and stayed down by 10 points for the next 3 quarters of the game.

Robin Lopez relentlessly guarded Boozer which got in the way of him shooting at the basket. For the first 3 quarters, his shooting stats were 3 out of 10. The defense play of Jazz was almost non-existent at this time. Just when everyone thought their team was doomed, things started turning around. Deron made 2 successive 3 point shots which brought life back to the team. From that point they started delivering. The Suns who were enjoying 77% shooting stats started to lag down and this allowed Jazz to take the lead. Jazz won with 116-108 gaining 41 points in the fourth quarter. Hopefully the team will maintain their high until their next game on Saturday versus the LA Clippers.