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Jazz Clip Clippers

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Different night, different story. This story ended with the Jazz beating the Los Angeles Clippers with a final score of 103-85. In the first quarter, the Jazz didn’t play like they intended to win this game but instead got back into their current routine of having a dismal beginning. Thankfully, their lack-luster play did not persist throughout the game. Once they got more physical and began to scramble for rebounds and lose balls, things started to happen for them. On this night, rookie Gordon Hayward had the best game of his career with 17 points. Although he started out missing his first four shot attempts, once he got that first one, the tide definitely changed. They say that the critical factor for success in the real estate world is location, location, location, but in the world of basketball is has to be confidence, confidence, confidence and that is the quality that seemed to take root and grow within the young rookie on this night. Big Al Jefferson was a huge factor in the win, contributing 31 points to the effort. Another bright spot was the play of Mehmet Okur who had his best outing since he sustained a serious injury last spring. He contributed 13 points to go along with 6 points from Kyrylo Fesenko. Deron Williams ended up with 16 points which is far below his typical output so it’s good to know that the team can step up and get the job done when their leader is a little off of his game.

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