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Jazz Clip Clippers

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Tonight’s story ends with the Jazz defeating Los Angeles Clippers with the final score of 103-85. During the first quarter, the Jazz seemed like they had no intensions of winning the game and started out really dismal. Fortunately, their lack-luster play did not last until the end. They got more energetic and scrambled for loose balls and rebounds.

Tonight, Gordon Hayward, their rookie made 17 points on what was the best game of his career. He initially started by missing his first 4 attempts at the shot and once he finally got his first shot, everything turned around. In the world of real estate, the important factor for success is location, location, location. In the basketball world its confidence, confidence, confidence. That took its roots on this rookie tonight.

Big Al Jefferson made a big contribution tonight with 31 points and his was a huge factor in the win. Mehmet, also occupied another bright spot on the play and this was his best performance since he recovered from his injury last spring. He gave 13 points along with Kyrylo Fesenko’s 6 points. Deron Williams scored 16 points which is way below par than his usual output. But it’s good to know the team can get it together to get the job done even when their leader is off at his game.

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