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Jazz Come Up Big

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Is it possible that Jazz found the road to success? The fans are hopeful that this is the case. Last night when the team won against the San Antonio Spurs, this was the sign that they are on a winning streak after so many years. Jazz still came out the winner with 105-98 final score in this game of runs where the Spurs made a run for 25-0. It’s hard to fathom how Jazz was able to lead initially with 14 points, slide down by 11 then recover their deficit and end up as winners. The team had a great defense and 26 points shots by Andrei Kirilenko plus Boozers’ 31 points. Jazz made 47% of their shots, 28 out of 32 free throws and 45 rebounds. This is one of their best performances of the season and fans are hopeful this trend continues.

Duncan was fouled out of the game when he made 14 points. This was just 1 point short of hitting a 20,000 points record for his career. He’ll be earning that reputation soon.

Winning the game placed Jazz 24-18 and in the 8th position in the Western Conference standings. The Lakers still hold the top spot with a 32-9 record, but the other teams are not far off. If Jazz could maintain their hustle, they could bridge the gap between them and the top teams. They have to be in a great position for the play-offs if they want to make that happen.