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Jazz Continue Unorthodox Winning Pattern

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With the way Jazz had been performing lately, it seems that they have a strategy for success. Recently they have been playing in a trend by staggering behind their opponent during the first half then end the game by winning. It seems ridiculous and hard to explain, but this strategy seems to work for Utah Jazz.

In the last two games, they did not play against an ordinary opponent. They played against the top two defensive teams of NBA. Fans had all the reason to assume that the team might not make it with their back to back games. The night before, they played against the highly favored Miami Heat. It was an energy draining game that Utah won over Miami in the overtime. Today, when they played against Orlando Magic, their lackluster performance put them 18 points behind. On the second half, the Utah team got their bearings and ended with a 104-94 win. Deron Williams had a slow start with his poor shooting percentage but gained his momentum later ending with a 30 point contribution and 14 assists. Paul Millsap continued to play great and gave 23 points to the team. Good work team Jazz and what a way to end the night!

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